About Complete Co-packing Services

Complete Co-packing production line

With more than 30 years of experience in the contract packing industry, our team at Complete Co-packing Services are here to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ service to our clients. Our aim is to fit seamlessly with you, allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business while we take care of your co-packing, warehousing and fulfilment requirements.

From Concept to Consumer

From initial enquiry through to your finished products placed on the shelves, Complete Co-packing Services are here to support you through the whole process. We offer manufacturing trials which can take you from the development kitchen through to an industrial operation – scalable to suit your requirements.

We work closely with product developers who can help with the development of recipes and laboratories who can assist with shelf-life analysis.

Our storage and fulfilment services mean that once we have finished producing your products, we can store them on site before sending the goods to retailers, wholesalers and even directly to the homes of your customers.

How It Happened - The Complete Co-packing Timeline

March 2006

CCBS Treforest Co-Packing Site Complete Core Business Solutions Limited was set up in Treforest by Managing Director Stephen Nicholls. Complete Core’s main focus was the e-cigarette and tobacco market however over the years numerous co-packing projects were completed on behalf of our clients.

August 2011

Co-Packing Clean Room An opportunity emerged as the Organic Superfood sector began to grow so segregated clean rooms were built in the factory for food co-packing.

August 2015

Complete Co-Packing Services Ltd As the co-packing aspect of the business continued to grow, Complete Co-packing Services was set up as a stand-alone company. It’s focus was on packing organic and non-organic products specifically for the food and drink sector as well as afterpacking for non-food items.

December 2019

Inside The Co-packing Factory Following 2 years of construction work, our brand new 69,500 sq ft factory opened, comprising of open packing area, segregated clean rooms, office and warehouse space. The building was purpose-built and designed to meet the requirements of BRC Global Standard.

May 2021

BRCGS Certification After many years of hard work and preparation, Complete Co-packing Services achieved BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Certification with a Grade AA.

July 2021

Additional facility specifically for storage and fulfilment When significant growth hit the B2C and e-commerce sector, Complete Co-packing Services opened an additional facility specifically for storage and fulfilment. The site comprises of 45,000 sq ft of office and warehouse space and has in excess of 3,000 pallet spaces.