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At Complete Co-Packing Services Limited, we offer our clients a complete contract packing service that will enable you to better manage processes and costs. We are geared to cope with all contract packing volumes – no job is too big or too small.

Pouch, bottle, sachet and jar filling

We offer a wide range of contract filling options for liquids, granules and powders with automated sealing. Our facilities include mixing and blending along with pasteurisation services. We also have testing equipment for PH levels and Solid content (BRIX).

Auger filling

Using our Augapac filling system we are able to volumetric fill a range of powders and granules into various mediums such as pouch, jar or bottle.

Vacuum packing

With a vacuum chamber capable of evacuating to 95% we are able to effectively seal a range of products to increase shelf life and/or provide anti-tamper control.

Linear Sealing

To provide positive sealing for a range of packet/pouch material we can employ the use of our linear band sealing equipment, ensuring effective containment for your products.

“L” Sealing and Shrink Wrapping

With our independent or coupled system of sealing and shrink wrapping we are able to offer promotional strapping, repacking or bundling.

Flow wrapping
(horizontal form, fill and seal)

Products can be wrapped individually or as a set using flow wrapping techniques.


From bespoke hand applied labelling for small runs to automatic systems for larger orders, we can take care of all labelling or over-labelling requirements including barcodes.

Vertical form, fill and seal

Integrated with various weight counting systems such as our linear weigher or auger filler we able to provide “pillow-bag” manufacture in a fully automated fill and pack complex.

Linear weighing and high speed counting

As part of a packing complex or as a stand-alone our weigh/count system ensures we are able to deliver the correct amount of product to tight tolerances quickly and consistently.

Hand packing

Our hand-packing facilities are ideal for promotional items, gift packs and box sets.

Liquid Filling

With volumetric filling equipment we are able to provide accurate filling for all types of flowing liquids.

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