Contract Manufacturing

Our segregated clean rooms and open packing area are designed to BRC standard and allow us to deliver a clean and seamless service.

  • Mixing and blending of powders and liquids
  • Pasteurisation for pouches, sachets, glass bottles and jars
  • Data logging for process validation

Mixing and Blending

We offer mixing and blending services for liquids and powders, whether your product requires a gentle agitation or high-shear mixing, we have the solution.

Our 500 litre ribbon blender produces homogenous powder blends while our high-shear mixers can blend powders into liquids.

Once blended, your product is ready for packing into your chosen format.

Liquid mixing


Our hot bath pasteurisers are suitable for:

  • Pouches
  • Sachets
  • Glass bottles
  • Jars

Once filled, the product is lowered into our pasteurisers at an agreed time/temperature profile before being cooled in cooling water tanks. The product would then be dried off and any labels or shrink sleeves can be applied. The process can be validated through the use of in-pack data loggers to ensure the right parameters are met.

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