Kosher certification confirmed

Complete Co-packing Services has secured Kosher certification.

Kosher certification is a standalone international quality standard which is increasingly prevalent in the food ingredients and retail sector. For a product to be Kosher certified, and to qualify for a Kosher certificate, each ingredient, food additive and processing aid used in production must be Kosher. Production process must also be suitable for Kosher requirements and therefore approved by a Kosher auditor.

Managing Director Steve Nicholls said:

“Kosher certification provides certain assurances to consumers about the origins of their food, and according to a Mintel survey in 2008, consumers prefer Kosher foods for reasons of food quality (62%) and general healthiness (51%).

“LBD Kosher Certification is a leading global Kosher certification agency. Their rabbis, food technologists and food chemists have worked as our certification partners meaning that our customers can now be confident that our products and processes are Kosher. This includes the raw materials used to manufacture the end product, as well as the manufacturing process itself.”